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Pilot: Being Mindful

Mark RaglandComment

As I look around and experience life as a person in his mid twenties, I am constantly aware of the struggles and issues that I face each day, and I’m seeing that a lot of people my age or close in age are experiencing similar struggles and asking similar questions.

It’s not easy to find your place in the world. The drive to be successful and “make a mark” is calling, but that doesn’t come quickly. I think the world needs us to find our role for contribution to make it a better place, but if you’re like me, you’re wondering how that’s going to happen and how it’s going to play out. How, where, and when will I find meaning?

On top of this search for meaning, we are bombarded with distractions. Phones, social media, TV, work, and overall busyness can leave us on a mostly mindless grind through life. For me, this led to a perpetual frustration with my situation. Time was flying by and I wasn’t paying enough attention to see it happen.

So, I decided I needed to make some changes. I needed to put the phone down more, I needed to create something, I needed to contribute something to the world, I needed to pay attention to each day, I needed to do the extra work of connecting with others and being intentional, I needed to be more mindful.

Again, I noticed through conversations with friends and social media that others seemed to be having similar struggles as me. So as I go through this journey of learning to be more mindful and purposeful in my life, I thought I would share it, hoping that it will benefit others as well. 

I believe that every day matters, that it’s a chance to grow a little bit more and find depth, joy, and meaning. I believe that you can learn and improve regardless of where you live, what your job is, or where you came from. I believe that we were born to contribute to the world in a positive way, in fact I believe that the world needs for us to contribute, to say yes to our passion and what we can give.

I don’t want to miss a second of it. I don’t want to miss a chance to grow and to learn, to enjoy life, or to contribute to the world. So I want to be present for each day and mindfully move forward, so that’s what I’m working towards.  

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