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Make The Most Of Your Day By Using Your Free Time Well

Mark RaglandComment

Free time. Some of us have a lot of it, some of us have very little, but what I’m finding is that a lot of your fulfillment and quality of life can come from what you do with your free time.

The reality is that some people don’t like their job, or feel overwhelmed by school. Even more people are probably not fulfilled by their job. Even more people that would rather be doing something other than their job if they could (hobby, travel, be with friends, etc). Wherever you are on the spectrum (even if you love your job), your free time is something that you should pay attention to.

Your time is so valuable. You probably spend the majority of your waking hours at your job (I spend the majority of my day inside of a cubicle -- I have created a pretty sweet setup however), which means that it’s important to maximize your time outside of work to bring your day together in a fulfilling way.

I think there is a pull for a lot of people to go home after a long day of work, and then sit on the couch and watch Netflix off and on for the rest of the night. While I do love a good episode of The Office, I highly advise against watching TV during the majority of your free time.

The key is to find the things that you enjoy and that move you towards becoming the person you want to be. For me, I find that I am happiest and most satisfied when I spend my free time outside, exercising, writing, reading, or with friends. Writing is really powerful for me because it’s pretty much the only creative outlet I have, and I think doing something creative is a good thing for everybody to do. Watching TV and some time on my phone is super relaxing and I typically make time for those things as well, but I try to spend most of my free time on the things that I enjoy and add to my well-being.

Regardless of what your job situation is, the hours before and after work offer a ton of opportunity. Think about (or write down) the things you love and that fulfill you, and then find ways to incorporate those things into your day. If you feel like your life is boring or you feel stuck, this is a great way to change it around. Don’t save the activities you love for the weekend.

Do more of the things you enjoy = enjoy life more.

So what is your thing? What could you do more of that not only is fun for you, but also adds to your growth as a person? If you work full time, how you spend your free time has a lot of power with how much you enjoy your day to day life, and the day to day is too important to let it slip by.


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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash