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Why Be Mindful?

Mark RaglandComment

I talk on here a lot about being mindful (hence the name), but a fair question is “why?”

Why be mindful?

Why spend more brain power in a day than you need to?

These are fair questions. I truly believe that being more mindful and more intentional about your life will lead to you feeling more fulfilled. I think every day has great potential and great opportunity to be whatever you want it to be, but you have to take the steps needed to create the life you want.

For me, being mindful means being very intentional with my life and having a clear vision for how I want it to unfold. It can be easy to cruise through life and avoiding making any decisions or doing anything that’s challenging, but I think we all have gifts and a purpose in this world. In that light it’s important to be very aware of how you go through each day, and how you’re creating a life that leads to your vision.

For a lot of 2017, I felt constantly behind and like I was surviving through each day, trying to squeeze everything in I needed to get done. I wasn’t intentional at all about my work, my relationships, or my personal growth. I knew I had to change something because I didn’t want to my life to be an unending cycle of work, wasting time, and chores at home

Through different books, articles, and podcasts, I realized that I wasn’t very intentional with my life. I needed to take control and get focused about what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

Since then, I have grown (slowly) in being more mindful about my day and my life, and it has had huge benefits in my overall happiness and fulfillment. I’m nowhere close to the destination, but I’m excited about the future and I’m confident that I’m on the right track.

I want to be successful at everything I do. I want to maximize my success at work, as a husband, as a friend/brother, in fitness, and everything I commit myself to. The more thoughtful I am with each of those things, the more effective I will be.

What about you? Why should you be mindful? Here’s why:

Feel More Grounded

Life can be very hectic, and I’m pretty sure that continues throughout many stages of life.

It’s good to have things to do and to fill up your day with what you love, but it can become overwhelming to feel like you’re only making it through each day.

Or maybe your life IS overwhelming and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

It can help to take a step back and remember what and who’s important to you, and look at the big picture. Being more mindful helps you to feel more grounded when life is a bit much.

Slow down, focus on your priorities and what fulfills you, and then do those things more.

Feel More Satisfied

I become the most frustrated with myself when I don’t feel like I’m living my life well. In these times I am easily distracted and spend too much time on social media and Netflix, escaping the world more than participating.

I become really unsatisfied in these moments because I know my potential and what I have been given, and I don’t want to waste it. Whatever my ultimate purpose is in life, I know that Im can be taking steps towards it now, but cruising through life won’t get me there.

I feel immense satisfaction at the end of a day when I lived intentionally and spent my time doing things that I truly love or doing my best at what was put in front of me. Whatever tomorrow brings me, I want to be fully present, and I want to give all I have to it.

Live Each Day Fully

I’m a big believer in making the most of each day. It’s truly incredible that we get to live and breathe and think. I don’t want to miss a single day of it because I’m so inwardly focused on myself, or so that I can stay constantly up to date with social media.

Being mindful helps you to identify what is important to you and what can make your life more purposeful and then it can help you commit to doing those things. Create a vision for your day and then review it at the end of the day. What went well? What could you have done better? What are you grateful for? How can you improve tomorrow?

Do everything you can to make each day great. Everyday probably won’t be great, and sometimes for circumstances outside of your control, but tomorrow is a new day to make great.

Achieve Your Goals

Yes, I think being more mindful can help you to achieve more of your goals in life. Whatever your goals may be, being more intentional with them will increase the likelihood that you will accomplish them.

Jim Rohn says to write your goals down and carry them with you wherever you go.

To accomplish your goals, you need to continually return to how you will achieve them and why you want to achieve them. You need to know the steps it will take to reach your goals, and then you need to do the work to execute those steps.

This only happens if you’re focused and committed. Be mindful about your goals and constantly evaluate how you’re doing.

So why be mindful?

Be mindful because it can help you to create the days and the life you want.


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Photo by Tom Chen on Unsplash