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What Do You Want To Achieve?

Mark RaglandComment

Last week I posted about why we should be mindful and how I think it can improve our lives.

However, to be consistently mindful and intentional, we need to know what we hope to achieve by being more mindful.

For me, I hope to be the best husband, friend, worker, and person I can be. I want to be constantly growing and I want to use my time well.

If you don’t identify what you hope to achieve by being more intentional with your time, then there’s probably not much point in any of this. Feel free to spend all of your time watching TV or scrolling through social media. But if you do want to be more intentional with your time, and you are willing to take some time to identify your goals, then we can get somewhere. Having direction and commitment will lead to growth.

Like I said, I want to use my time well and succeed in the different areas of my life (to put it simply). I want to grow as a person when it comes to my relationships, my work, and my personal development. On my best days I am creative and curious, and I want to experience that as much as possible.

What do you want?

The key here is to identify what you want to accomplish by being more mindful. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

What do I want to be better at in 5 years?

What frustrates me about my current situation/how I live my life?

What are my goals?

This is important because without goals and a clear understanding of our direction, we will mostly likely fall back into our bad habits (hello browsing social media mindlessly for way-too-long). If you’re anything like me, you will naturally resist the change that is accompanied with trying to live life with deeper focus. The easy way to spend your time is turning your brain off and staring at your phone, so it can be really difficult to settle down and create something or read the book you’ve been meaning to get to.

It can be helpful to write down the things that you want to accomplish and the areas you want to grow personally and professionally, and then refer back to that list regularly. Right now I’m working on creating a sort of monthly checklist to be sure I am paying attention to my goals on a consistent basis.

Setting goals will help you to have the accountability to spend your time doing what helps you grow into the person you want to be. When I’m relaxing, I want to spend time doing things that I love. When I’m productive, I want to be focused and get the crucial stuff done. It’s so easy to let the important things slip through the cracks of life, and being more aware can help you be sure that you are taking steps to accomplish what you want.


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Photo by Andy Hall on Unsplash