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With every sunrise, a new opportunity arises for me to continue on my journey of becoming myself. Becoming oneself does not end after graduation, or after acquiring the dream job. This is an ongoing activity, and it’s a journey I am excited to continue each day. I always want to be improving and growing. I want to become wiser, kinder, and more focused on the things that matter.

Lately, the idea of an all-encompassing generosity has been pressed into my mind, something that flows through my whole lifestyle. I feel it is within human nature, that each individual is made to contribute in some way. Made to give, to serve, to accept the others-centered aspect of life. I think that living a life of generosity leads us to a truer sense of who we are, it centers us (and we need to be centered). I’m not talking about just giving away some money here and there, I mean an all-out this-is-not-about-me lifestyle. In some situations, money is easy to give. But what the world truly needs is for you to be you, it needs your gifts, your love.

In today’s age, it is so easy to be inwardly focused. We can hide behind screens and distract ourselves from the reality and needs of the world. But if you’re hoping to live your life well and make an impact, a major focus should include giving to others.

A book entitled “The Education of Little Tree” is a favorite of some of the people I respect most in the world. One of the main lessons I learned from reading this book is that when you have something good, you give it away, to as many people as you can. What I really hope that each of us can learn to do is become incredibly generous with ourselves and our gifts. Your talents, passions, personality, and life are all life-transforming gifts that we can either hold on to and keep to ourselves in our small little world or step forward and give them away. The world needs your gifts, is clamoring for them. So I encourage you to challenge yourself to give love and power away, every chance you get.

We can give without holding back. When I make my life all about me, it’s a small place to be, it’s a story that people don’t want to hear and barely matters. We’re made to stand for others, to live for others, to build others up and guide them along. I’m finding that my life is not about me, it’s about something bigger. We are called to serve our families, friends, and community, not hoard our stuff and build big fences physically and mentally. Lead, serve, give. It might seem like you’ll run out of things to give, but I have found that the more I give and live for others, the more fuel I have to keep going.

So here’s to a more generous life.


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