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Staying Connected With Your Long-Distance Friends

Mark RaglandComment

Last weekend a lot of people I know graduated from either grad school or undergrad. As I celebrated with them I went through a lot of memories of my own graduation.

You create a lot of memories and friendships in college, but then after that, the vast majority of people move to a new city.

It’s easy to lose touch with friends who don’t live near you. Social media allows us to see what people are doing, but it doesn’t cultivate the friendship, and it doesn’t tell you how your friends are doing.

For the people who matter most to you, those friends who helped to make you who you are today, don’t let those relationships fall away. We need new friends as well as old friends, but you can’t replace a friend who has seen you grow up into the person you are today.

Like many things in life, this all comes down to intentionality. Go the extra mile with your long distance friends so that your relationships stay strong. As our culture becomes more dominated by text communication, a phone call or FaceTime conversation goes a long way.

Relationships have been and always will be the most important things in life, be sure to hold on to your close friends, even if they live far away.


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