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Enjoy The Little Moments

Mark RaglandComment

In life, it’s easy to focus on the big moments that happened in the past, or the ones you have to look forward to in the future. For a lot of people, work life can be 50 weeks of monotony in anticipation of the 2 weeks you get to go on vacation. Especially in the age of social media, we are conditioned to always be on the lookout for the exciting moments that we can post for others to see.

We chase after these mountaintop experiences because we want life to be exciting and we want to live it to the fullest. I want my life to be an adventure and I want to have memories in the future to look at fondly and with pride. However, these big moments can get in the way of us living to the fullest in the normal day-to-day.

While these epic moments are great and I think we should maximize them when we can, it can’t come at the expense of missing the little everyday moments. We might remember the mountaintop experiences more, but our life is made up of the little moments. There are a lot more normal days than extraordinary days, and if we don’t give our attention to the normal days then we will be missing a lot of our own life.

Day after day, who you become is who you are in your everyday life. Your commitment to living your life well will manifest in each day. If you trudge through the majority of your life hoping for big moments to make it all worth it, then you’re missing it.

“Normal” life can be really wonderful if we let it. It might seem a little flowery, but I do believe that every day has the stage set for us to live a beautiful life. It all comes down to attitude and action. Will you have a good attitude about whatever you’re doing? Will you take action so that you spend your free time doing what you love? Are you willing to take the risk to do work that you love?

There is goodness in putting in a day of hard work at the office, beauty in walking your dog, joy in exercising to take care of your body. Normal life doesn’t have to be boring, and having a routine doesn’t mean that you’re getting old. Choose how to live your life in the day to day in a way that you’re proud of, and then celebrate it.


Photo by Jim DiGritz on Unsplash