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2018 Year In Review

Mark RaglandComment

2018! What a year it was. Where to begin?

Probably the biggest thing that happened was that my wife and I moved to Nashville, TN. I moved from Florida for the first time ever. This year, we spent time in Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, D.C., Pennsylvania, Michigan, and South Carolina. We had 2 nephews born and ready to make some noise (literally and figuratively).

2018 was an interesting year. There was so much going on with moving that is felt like this was the year of logistics.

It was really difficult leaving Gainesville/Florida. We had built a life in Gainesville with wonderful friends, and both of our families were just a couple of hours away. We left almost everything we knew. We both had wanted to move to Tennessee or North Carolina for years, so we knew it was time to go, but it was still difficult. We were ready for a new challenge, a new place to stretch us and grow us. It was time to leave the comforts of the place that turned us into adults.

The end of 2018 brought forth a lot of “what’s next?” thinking for me. For the last couple of years, I knew we would be in Gainesville until Carolyn finished grad school, but now we are in Nashville indefinitely. Now, there is no impending move ahead of me. Time is not moving according to a class schedule. I can’t put off anything because “well I’ll be moving in a few months anyway.” We are here and this is my life, what will I do to create a life I want?

What do I most want to be doing? What fulfills me? What does the world need from me? These are questions that I largely suppressed for a while, and now they have come raging to the forefront of my mind. 2018 was largely about thinking and learning for me. I think 2019 will be about acting and learning, gaining experience rather than just reading about what other people did.

So, here we go, here is my 2018 Year In Review.

Lessons Learned

I use my phone too much

Mostly social media is the problem here, I check it too often and it’s always with me. I want to do a much better job of controlling my phone use this year.

I need to focus on doing the things that bring me joy

Read. Camp. Hike. Play. Be outside. Time with friends. Do more of those things.

I need to use my free time better

Read: don’t use cell phone so much and do what brings me joy

I need to check my priorities (giving the right amount of time to God, my marriage, etc.)

Give the appropriate amount of time to what is most important to me. Twitter and Reddit are not very important to me, and yet I spent a lot of time on them in 2018.

I need to take more risks

I play it safe too often, I always have. I need to be willing to do things that might result in failure.

I need to take action, not just learn from books

In 2019 I want to volunteer, meet people, make my community better. Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing more is a top priority.

Top Influencers

Richard Rohr

Ryan Holiday

Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Books

The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday

Atomic Habits - James Clear

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson (Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones fans, READ THIS)

Man’s Search For Meaning - Victor Frankl

Challenges Faced

Consistently writing

Learning to be a good husband

Relationship with God

Time management

What Went Well

Read 40 books

Used cell phone less

Better connection with God

Great year with my wife

Working remotely (is awesome)

More hiking

What Didn’t Go Well

Still too much cell phone use

Time management

Writing consistently

Camping more

So here we go into 2019. More focus on what matters and what brings me joy. Let’s do this.


Photo by lee Scott on Unsplash