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Digital Declutter Weeks 2-3

Mark RaglandComment

My digital declutter is nearly finished and it has been a really enlightening process so far.

Though it wasn’t included in my declutter, I started it without any audiobook or podcast apps. About a week ago I redownloaded those and that definitely affected my phone usage. When playing something on my phone, I used the phone often in order to switch songs or change the podcast. My phone usage went up a good bit once I started using these apps again simply because I kept my phone next to me more often. I’m not sure if there is much to be done about that long term but it is something to keep in mind.

I did have two moments of weakness with Twitter during March Madness. There were two crazy games happening and I just couldn’t resist pulling up Twitter on my computer to see what everyone was saying about it. I love looking at Twitter during sporting events so it was easy for me to falter.

One of my hopes with doing this declutter was that not only would I use my phone much less, but that I would also get a lot of writing done and otherwise use my free time to do more high-quality activities. I have definitely read a lot more and I have loved that, but beyond that, there hasn’t been a big difference. Part of that is certainly just me being lazy, but I also expected more time to appear, which may have been a silly expectation, as I still need to learn to be effective with my time.

Only a few days left so I will leave it at that for now, keep an eye out for a full overview at the end of the month.


Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash