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7 Ways to Prepare for Future Opportunities

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It’s really important to prepare for future opportunities when you’re young. Yes, you want to enjoy the present, but the future is coming, and what you do now can have a big impact in the future. Even if you just do a little each day to prepare, start tomorrow and you will have a lot to show for in a few years.

Deliberate Deepness

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Recently a friend of mine from work moved on to a new opportunity and a new town. We started two months apart from each other and had developed a good friendship over the years. As he left it got me thinking about how we can take the people around us for granted. It’s easy not to think about the fact that your friends you have now will not always live nearby, and I think that often leads to a lack of intentional development of our friendships.

Demanding The Best For Yourself

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Do you demand the best for yourself? Do you demand that you achieve everything you can now and in the future?

If you don’t, then your leaving potential on the table, and you’re not giving the rest of us everything you have to offer. I’m not challenging  to become famous or invent a world changing product, but I do believe that you owe it to yourself and to the world to demand the best of yourself.

How To Improve Your Conversations

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We’ve all been there.


“Hey! How are you?”

“I’m doing great, you?”

“I’m good”


Not all of our conversations are stellar, and for many people conversations can be downright difficult or stressful. It’s easy to go on autopilot and ask generic questions, only to give generic answers right back.

3 Simple Steps To Being Happier

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I’ve been out of college for a few years now, and so are a lot of the people I know and talk to. We’re getting used to the real world and living on our own. There are a lot of benefits to this, and of course it’s the natural progression of life, eventually you need to move on from what is comfortable and embark on your own.

2017 Review: Learning Mindfulness

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2017 has been quite the year. It has been wonderful and fun, but it also has been one of the most challenging years of my life. Some of the best events in my life happened in 2017. I got married, traveled, saw my family a ton, and it was a great year at my job. However, inwardly I have had to work through and face things that I haven’t had to face before.

Prioritize What Matters

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As a person who works a 9-5 job, far too often I see my free time in the evening slip away into an unproductive hodgepodge (yes that is a great word). One minute I’m getting licked by my dog when I get home, then I feel like the next moment I’m cleaning the dishes after dinner, and I need to start getting ready for bed. What the heck happened to my night?

A Simple Way To Enjoy Life More

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A few months ago I was at a conference and the main speaker said something that really hit me. He spoke about the difference between having the “get to” mindset vs the “have to” mindset. The main idea is that for everything in your life, you can think about it as an obligation (have to) or as an opportunity (get to). 

What if you don't love your job?

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Here’s the thing with adult life: you spend a lot of your waking hours at work. This means different things for different people. Some are in a cubicle, some are in a hospital, some are in an office, some are at a dance studio, some are in a classroom. Whatever your situation is, you probably spend a lot of time there

Always Be Learning

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If there is anything I have come to understand in my few years in the real world, it’s that I love to learn. I remember going through training at my current job and the excitement that came with learning something new.